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Gone are the days when outsourcing was looked as a way of cost cutting. Today, outsourcing is all about partnership and about entrusting the business process with a reliable partner.  Outsourcing has not only proved to be cost-effective but also have rendered sophisticated and efficient quality of service.  DbyDx Software has been enjoying high customer retention and building strong relation with enterprises across the world.  We believe this is possible because of our partnership model with our clients.

At DbyDx we believe that the final product that we present to our clients should be flexible and adaptable so that our partners can join us in ways that suit their business model. The engagement models followed by DbyDx are so designed that it suits the business needs of our clients. We have drawn the engagement models keeping in mind flexibility, adaptability and efficiency. We give a choice to our clients to select from the generally accepted models, as per their requirements.

At DbyDx, we have flexible and clear procedures that are implemented to all projects. Our many years of experience of working with clients in an onsite-offshore manner have proven our certain rules of thumb to be immensely productive while providing maturity to the software development cycle. Our process is not imposed on any of our clients. Our various measures are accommodated to suit clients' requirements and their development methodology. We have expertise and proven methodologies to handle services for our clients across the globe.
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