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Ireland Guide

Georgina Campbell (www.ireland-guide.com) is one of Ireland's leading food and hospitality writers. Her widely-read column in the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine has earned her many fans.The Ireland Guide website, named after her, resulted from the growing need of the international tourist researching their holiday/vacation or the office bound professional seeking a spot of lunch in Ireland. This website provides complete guidance to the visitor regarding fooding and lodging in Ireland. They also have guide books which provide complete guidance on the best places to eat, drink and stay In Ireland.

DbyDx Software was approached by Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide to create an iPhone application called ‘IrelandGuide’ of the same which would enable iPhone users get guidance on the best place to dine in Ireland. Thus a dedicated team was set up for Ireland Guide at DbyDx Software. The Team got together to conceptualize and create mobile application especially for iPhone. DbyDx became the Offshore Product development partner of Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Guide.



TXTBlocker (www.txtblocker.com) is a mobile phone service that brings in a safer mobile phone experience for all. As the name suggests, TXTBlocker enables blocking of text message whenever required. Thus TXTBlocker, prevents text messaging and phone use while driving and within user-defined geographic locations( Eg. Schools, Banks etc)

DbyDx ventured upon this software keeping in mind the safety issue while driving. The end motive was to develop the one stop solution for safe and smart usage of mobile devices. DbyDx Software built the software on Microsoft .NET 3.5, MSSQL 2005, Blackberry JDE, Google Android SDK, Windows CE 6.0, Symbian OS.


Amplex (www.amplex.com) is a leading provider of tele-management solutions for the utilities sector. Their cleantech solutions for remote control and monitoring of streetlight, utility meters and LV network grids are at work in numerous countries. Amplex introduced a solution that used GSM technology to provide two-way communications with street cabinets, enabling monitoring and control facilities. Amplex has evolved as one the key players in Utility Intelligence. Helping cities and utilities to intelligently monitor and control their assets, Amplex help achieve greener cities, higher-quality services and dramatically lower costs.

DbyDx Software was approached by Amplex to create an iPhone Enterprise Application called “Ampfield” which would help monitor power grids in the cities and keep a track of them. A dedicated team was set up for Mobile CDN at DbyDx Software. The Team got together to conceptualize and create mobile application especially for iPhone. Team DbyDx became the official Offshore Product development partner of Amplex.


Mitrr (www.mitrr.com) is a social networking application for mobile phones. An easy to use application, Mitrr™ can be both downloaded through the handset and through Mitrr™ website. It works on a principle of “Two-Way synchronization” which makes the data identical both on the user’s mobile device and on Mitrr™ server.

DbyDx Software embarked on the mission to create a simple and effective social networking platform. Keeping in mind that the software has to be cost effective, the best team of DbyDx was commissioned to mastermind the same. DbyDx utilized technologies like Microsoft .NET 3.5, J2EE, MSSQL 2005, J2ME, Symbian to create this social networking software.




TXTLater (www.txtlater.com) is a BlackBerry messaging scheduler which enables users schedule SMS/E-mails for a select date and time and the message would be delivered automatically. TXTLater has been developed keeping in mind the day to day need of professionals across the world. DbyDx came out with the idea to create such an application that would ease out people’s life a little and prevent them from missing important events and dates. The dedicated teams of DbyDx Software performed Product Engineering Services like product conceptualization, development, quality assurance, and design of TXTLater.

TXTLater is the one-stop shop for all SMS/E-mail and Call scheduling needed by BlackBerry users. DbyDx Software’s skilled team of developers worked BlackBerry JDE platform to create this software, which is hugely acclaimed across the world




Arcot (www.arcot.com) is a leader in protecting and verifying digital identities. Financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and eShopping sites rely on the company's software-only solutions to prevent online fraud and identity theft.

Arcot was in need of a technology team that has impeccable knowledge of Java/J2EE and C++ combined with an in-depth understanding of the online transaction space. DbyDx Software supplemented Arcot’s existing engineering team in building and enhancing the state of art research products coming out of Arcot R&D centre in Bangalore, Indi

E-Learning (Online Market Place)


Wharfedale Technologies, Inc. (www.wftus.com) is a leader in providing innovative solutions to Fortune 1000 and Enterprise – class clients. When Wharfedale started building a revolutionary online learning portal Coodam.com.

Coodam is a knowledge central exchange, where the users are provided with the platform and tools required to learn and teach from other users at their convenience. Coodam was created with an intention to bring everyone to share knowledge in one place with the help of Online e-learning.

It realized the importance of having a dedicated Offshore Development Centre (OSDC) in India. An OSDC for Coodam was then established at DByDx Software. The dedicated team of DByDx performs Product engineering Services including but not limited to Product Conceptualization, Development, Quality Assurance and design of coodam.com.

Coodam came to DbyDx with an in-house project idea to develop an online education marketplace for learners and teachers across the globe. DbyDx Software performed Product Engineering Services and worked on Microsoft.NET 2.0, MSSQL 5.0, FLEX AS3, AJAX to create the e-learning platform.

Online Freelancing Marketplace



With more than 1 million registered members, Guru.com (www.guru.com) is the world's largest online marketplace for freelance talent and a leader in providing quality freelance services that customers can trust.  Guru.com provides businesses with the ability to find the help they need from a variety of talented Freelancers worldwide. Its proprietary Ranking System leverages performance data to make the freelancer selection process easy and reliable - every time.  Once connected, Employers can securely pay Freelancers through Guru.com's SafePay system.

DbyDx Software was entrusted with the task of testing of the Guru.com website which was originally made using Cold Fusion Technology. A dedicated team was assigned for Guru.com to carry on testing on a daily basis. Satisfied with DbyDx, Guru.com assigned DbyDx to start development for Guru.com. Thus the team was enhanced with experienced developers to cater to the need of the client.

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