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DbyDx Labs is the research and innovation wing of DbyDx Software. The vision of DbyDx labs is to incubate innovative product ideas and create re-usable frameworks. Labs@DbyDx also works on developing methodologies to improve the execution efficiency at DbyDx Software.
DbyDx Mobility Platform is core platform developed by the founding team. This platform helps reduce development time of a mobile application by up to 30%. DbyDx Platform for wireless/mobile applications (called DbyDx Mobile Platform) is an SDK over J2ME. Using this platform we develop applications for Mobile devices, PDAs and other handheld devices.

The Platform follows a multi-threaded architecture. Some of the APIs exposed by the platform are as follows:

  • RDBMS API-Databases in Mobile devices are not relational. RDBMS API is a lightweight API for Relational Database Management System for J2ME devices.
  • UI API-A Wrapper over J2ME UI APIs, this brings in a great flexibility in rendering a UI on constrained devices.
  • Networking API-An API for Network Communication
  • Threading API-J2ME application by its very nature is multi-threaded. This API helps in writing multithreaded applications with ease. It provides easy management of thread synchronization (a nightmare for a J2ME application!).

DbyDx Enterprise Platform ensures clear separation of Presentation, Business, and Persistence logic in an application. The UI, Business, and Persistence logic becomes pluggable to the application using the platform. This ensures that there is no code change if the technology for UI, Business, or Persistence logic changes. It also helps parallel development of same feature by many developers.

DbyDx platform provides numerous reusable components and infrastructure code, which reduce development time significantly. To know more about DbyDx platform, please feel free to contact DbyDx Labs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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