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The mushrooming mobile application development market is about to touch the $7 billion mark and predictions are on that it will touch the $25 billion mark in next five years. It would be safe to say that we are witnessing a migration from large screen to small screen. With prominent players like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Windows Phone from Microsoft struggling to establish their popularity, betting on only one mobile platform seems risky for enterprise and developers. But developing an application on multiple platforms demands a lot of time and money.


Therefore we are witnessing the rise and popularity of Cross Platform Approach in mobile application development. This approach is realized with the help of numerous tools that enable developers and organizations to use a single code base for different platforms. PhoneGap, Sencha, Mono, Unity, Flex, RunRey, AppMobi, RhoMobile, Titanium are some of the most widely used tools in the market today.  Cross Platform Tools can play a vital role in resolving the issues in platform fragmentation, aid in targeting new platforms, increase development productivity and, reduce time to market. Use of multi-platform approach will also help to reduce cost of development as rewriting the application code for a new platform costs time and money. 


This Technical White Paper is aimed at analyzing the Cross Platform Approach in Mobile Application Development from various from the technical, managerial and business perspectives. The table of contents are as follows. 

 Technical White Paper Cross Application Approach



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