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HTML5 Application Development

One of the remarkable leaps that technology has taken in recent times is perhaps through HTML5. HTML is one of the oldest web programming languages and heavily used. However, due to lack of up gradation it faced severe problems in the recent times.  With the advent of HTML5 all doubts were cleared and it promised to deliver a whole bunch of new functionalities. Since then till now, HTML5 has shaped up into a tremendous hit with its incredible web browsing experience. Not only it has promised to take web development to a higher degree but even mobile application too will be benefitted through this development.  Considering the growing demand of HTML5, DbyDx Software has gathered a team of its finest developers who are delicately involved with multiple projects in this platform.

DbyDx Software has extensive experience of handling new technology. It has always been our target to explore more with new technology and innovate. HTML5 provided us with great many options to explore and do more with it.

Key elements of HTML5, crucial for Mobile application development are:

  • Offline Support — The AppCache and Database make it possible for mobile developers to store thing locally on the device and now that interruptions in connectivity will not affect the ability for someone to get their work done.

  • Canvas and Video — These two features are designed to make it easy to add graphics and video to a page without worrying about plugins. When supported by the phone’s hardware, as is the case with the iPhone, they provide a powerful ways to get media into a page.

  • Geo-location API — This is actually not part of HTML5, but is a separate specification. That said, it is often bundled together because the mobile phones that are including HTML5 are generally supporting the Geo-location API.

  • Advanced Forms — Even simple things like the improvements in HTML5 for forms could make life easier for mobile applications. Fields that can be validated by the browser are improvements for mobile devices. The more that can be handled by the browser means less time downloading javascript code and less round trips to the server if validation can be found before the form is posted.

With an impressive track record of creating successful applications across platforms, we too have deployed HTML5 to create many applications. The best part of this technology is that it has taken basic HTML to a different level altogether. With HTML5, almost everything is possible – right from basic web building to development of rich internet applications like Flash and Java FX. This functionality can be utilized for mobile application development as well.

We have been developing applications for various platforms for quite a while with HTML5 services. Our domain knowledge and competency in mobile application development is evident from the awards and accolades we have received. Our expertise in application development and HTML5 web development helps us create feature-rich HTML5 compatible apps for all the major mobile platforms, facilitating us to give a new lease of mobile-life for your website. We are indeed one of the few HTML5 app developers in the market with good experience in the development process. At DbyDx, we believe our developers to present a whole new world of applications using HTML5.

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