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iPhone Application Development

With iPhone giving a whole new definition to smartphones and iPad changing the term technology, applications for them has to be outstanding. DbyDx Software has been successfully providing enterprise as well as consumer mobility solutions for iPhone users. As an end-to-end technical partner for our clients, we chalk out the complete life cycle of the application and assure product life cycle management as well.  We are aware that with time, the needs of the masses change and so we try and imbibe the latest and best technology for our applications. With our iPhone SDK we provide applications keeping in mind the consumer needs. With our constant R&D effort, our team has successfully completed applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touché.

Using iPhone SDK is easy, but to do new and something creative with it is the biggest challenge of all. At DbyDx doing the new is the cult that we follow. To break the barriers of traditional thinking and to paint the old thoughts with new colors is what we practice at DbyDx Software.  At DbyDx we profess and practice optimum utilization of resources. With an experienced bunch of expert programmers we have a good track record of coming up with great results in iPhone Mobility solutions.  We give keen attention to every detail and aspect of the project and constantly consult with clients to enhance the product. With the high quality standards that we follow and strong debugging skills of our QA engineers, we help reduce costs and time engagement for the projects.

Our iPhone Applications include:

Location Based Services

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Media
  • Ticketing & Reservation
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Field Service Solutions
  • Golf Aid applications
  • Mobile Social Networking Local Search
  • Location based Targeted Mobile Advertizing

Mobile Social Networking

DbyDx Software has used mobile technology with the use of powerful location knowledge through location-based services (LBS) to result in Mobile Social Networking. Similar to web based social networking, mobile social networking also occurs in virtual communities. As the software technology advances, these virtual communities have made their way to exist on mobiles.

Location based Targeted Mobile Advertizing

DbyDx Software has used location-based advertising that uses location-tracking technology in mobile networks to target consumers. This means that the marketer can control the information sent by knowing the communication channel used by customer and then sending geographically based offers and incentives. In simple words, through the use of location information for a user we can send targeted SMS/MMS advertisements to the users. For instance, the fact that we know a person is in a super market we can dispatch offers being offered in that super market.

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