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Nitin Verma @ National Seminar on Cloud Computing @ BBDIT, Ghaziabad

Nitin Verma, Co-founder and MD,DbyDx Software, addressed the National Seminar on Cloud Computing: Opportunities & Challenges organized by BBDIT, Ghaziabad

New Delhi, India, November 10, 2012

While introducing the concept of Cloud Computing Nitin Verma said, “Even though Cloud Computing is the latest buzzword humming in the technology segment, the basic definition of cloud computing is still very subjective.” He provided the audience with a host of different angles to view this upcoming technology and how this technology can mold the future of the IT Industry. In the next part of his lecture he evaluated the prospects and threats of Cloud Computing for an Enterprise. He touched upon certain pertinent issues like Data Privacy and Security, Implementation of Cloud Computing and the Real Time Cloud Sharing. While addressing the subject of Data Privacy he said that “Since data in the cloud is outside the Firewall of the company, certain security infringement are inevitable but with use of Data Encryption and other techniques the frequency of such incidents can be minimized to a great extent.” He greatly favored the use of SAAS model of Cloud Computing and called it a boon for a SME. Citing a personal experience he said “When we started DbyDx Software the concept of SAAS helped us acquire the licenses of the latest CRM and Sales software easily and immediately. Otherwise, it would have taken us quite a few months to set up the similar architecture on our own.” The panel at the National Seminar was an amalgam of industry experts from leading technology firms like C-DAC, BSNL and IBM and academic leaders. The engaging discussion highlighted the various aspects of Cloud Computing and rendered it as a catalyst to a major revolution in the IT industry. About DbyDx Sofware Established in 2005, DbyDx Software is a leader in Mobility Solutions with core competency in Mobile Application development. At heart, DbyDx Software comprises of a team of dynamic and enthusiastic people who strive to help businesses go Mobile. From iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian & J2ME- DbyDx Software builds innovative mobile apps on these platforms. The key differentiator of DbyDx Software is their commitment to provide premium quality solutions to customers by combining the creative zing of developers with high-end DbyDx Hybrid Extreme Programming (DbyDx HXP) approach. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, DbyDx Software has Global Delivery Center in United States and India.

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